We have started working on a game, it's currently super-pre-alpha so don't expect it to be released any time soon. But we (I, supersonicshower and camoflash(at least a bit)) think that it would be awesome if anyone could make some music for the game! Write a comment/ send a pm if you are interested!
Preview-pic of a perv-zombie!

Looking for musician for our upcoming game!

Starting to work on a RPG

2009-05-16 15:43:42 by PowerSource

I, Puzzlebat and Camoflash are going to start working on a RPG. I'm going to take care of the AS2 (I haven't learned AS3 yet), Puzzlebat is going to draw and Camoflash is going to be overall in the way. If you got any ideas we would really appreciate them!

Yuck! Yugioh hair!

2008-12-06 16:40:50 by PowerSource

started drawing on a guy and when I started to draw the hair it went totally crazy! What a weird haircut! It looks like the hair the guys from yugioh got! omg it's ugly!

Yuck! Yugioh hair!

OMG!!! I can draw!

2008-11-30 11:44:44 by PowerSource

I've always thought that i'm not so good at drawing, but when I sat down today I managed to draw a nice pic! It is some kind of blob flying around, please review and tell me what you think!

OMG!!! I can draw!


2008-07-09 10:42:07 by PowerSource

I really need/want a user-image! I'm wondering if anyone could be really nice and make one for me! I would really appreciate(I think it is spelled that way) it! I want my name in the picture, that's all i'm requesting, but you don't have to put my name in it, it just have to be a nice picture. I will of course mention your name in my presentation or something. It would be nice with both the big picture and the thumb-one, but it is ok with just one of them, i can make it bigger/smaller or find out something else.

Hi, i'm new here!

2008-06-20 17:01:30 by PowerSource

I just created my account here and i hope i'm going to use it a lot.
I've been watching movies and playing games here for a while but now i created my account!
My brother "geogang" had his account for a while and he have just made a new one because he hated the last name so much, the new account's name is "Camoflash", that name is at least better than the last one... We have just got flash but i suck at it so much so i dont think i'm going to out up something for a while. I would be glad if you commented!