Entry #6

Looking for musician for our upcoming game!

2009-06-25 17:41:04 by PowerSource

We have started working on a game, it's currently super-pre-alpha so don't expect it to be released any time soon. But we (I, supersonicshower and camoflash(at least a bit)) think that it would be awesome if anyone could make some music for the game! Write a comment/ send a pm if you are interested!
Preview-pic of a perv-zombie!

Looking for musician for our upcoming game!


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2009-06-25 17:56:30

+ we alsoo need voice actors :)

PowerSource responds:

yes we do!


2009-06-25 18:37:58

I can help out with voice acting and possibly music as well, depending on what style you'd like. What's your recording schedule like?


2010-05-08 10:54:55

..those people look awesome, especially the zombie.. :3